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Cheap Built Homes in Thomasville, GA.
If you're looking for a custom-built  home done right and above minimum code we R it, if you are looking for a cheap built home-built to bare and below minimum code in Thomas County we have more than our share of Realtors, Home Inspectors, unqualified builders and some working under someone else's license with NO building experience who would be eager and swift to build you a BOX. with water leaks. These homes being built around Thomas Count. I would say "Buyers BEWARE" you just may get more than you Bargain for. Badly built Homes in South Georgia in Thomasville, GA. 
CHB Eco Custom Homes has chosen not to build any custom high performance homes in Thomas County on less it is a client requesting to build a quality, custom, high performance home. Unfortunately, homes being built and pushed for the easy commission aroundThomas County are being built to bare or below minimum code and by cutting corners able to sell at rock bottom prices bringing the values down of homes that built above minimum code. 
We at CHB Eco Custom Homes will not take part in this type of bare to below quality construction. CHB Eco Custom Homes will not compete with these spec cheaply built big square footage homes with an overload of millwork to deceive the consumer. We prefer to build a custom high performance home for clients seeking a problem free home . We will not lower our quality green custom-built homes or stoop to that level. Just remember that you get what you pay for.
We are your First Choice and only CHOICE when building your custom home above Minimum Code. We are NOT Realtors, Home Inspectors, or unlicensed builders building low to bare minimum code homes in Thomasville or Georgia.
We will always give and support a high-end quality built home. Consumers are sometimes unpredictable and sometimes buy a home just by looking at the ton of millwork or how big the home is for the cheap price without knowing if the person that built it was a qualified builder or if the subcontractors used in building the home qualified and not a Fly By Night Subcontractor with no insurance, do not have a registered business name, and most of the time they have no experience or the expertise to do the job. Seen it, on a few homes built-in Sweetbriar when the person building hires someone with no roofing experience to do a few roofs. what do you think happen? Leaks!. And local realtors only selling selective properties that are to their benefit. This is one of the big problems in Thomas County. CHB Eco Custom Homes will also advice the client as to the site or subdivision of their quality built custom home as to hold its value. 
We also have realtors double dipping with commission and hiring cheap builders and labors using cheap materials to get the house built as cheap as possible and resale for a big profit. A home looks really nice when you add a lot of trim work and granite counter top, but how much do you know what's behind the walls and how was the home-built. These realtors and unlicensed builders like to hide behind a few bogus company names so if something illegal happens they can just blame the bogus company. 
It's no mystery you either build it right with upscale materials and qualified subcontractors or you use cheap materials cheap labors and get a cheap built house. These cheap homes are being now built Thomas County. 
Criteria to Consider
Buying a new home is one of the most important investments you will make, and choosing the right builder is as important as the new home you select. The primary goal is to find a reputable builder that will deliver a high quality home that meets your own personal interests and needs. The following criteria can help you through the process of selecting the right custom homebuilder.
The best way to learn about a builder is to visit homes they have built and talk with the owners. Questions you should ask include: Are you happy with your home? Did the builder do what was promised in a timely manner? Did the builder listen to your requests? Was the builder responsive to your needs? Would you buy another home from this builder?
Quality of Work
When examining a home, inspect quality of the finishes, such as cabinetry, trim work, and paint. Ask the builder to check the list of custom features that are standard in each house as well as the safety features and product lines that used. Always keep in mind that just because a home is less expensive, that does not mean it is a better value. Building a home requires incredible attention to detail and confident that your builder values this philosophy.
Review the warranty and find out what type of service you can expect after you move into your home. Some Builders  offer home owners with comprehensive closing books. These helpful books provide valuable information, including how to care for the new home, as well as warranty and maintenance information on each product or appliance within the home.
Professional home builders MUST offer you some means of mediation and arbitration to settle disputes. The HBA (Home Building Association) offers this service to members. Members may have other means of arbitration specified in their contracts, such as insured warranty contracts that meet HBA requirements. Be sure to ask how potential disputes will be settled.
Doing your homework and understanding how custom builders work will give you the confidence you need to correctly select a custom builder that's right for your own specific needs.
You would have to wonder the quality of a homes when Realtors involved in building, listing them and selling them all at the same time. These same Realtors are also double dipping with commission and hiring cheap builders and labors using cheap materials to get the house built as cheap as possible and resale for a big profit. Realtors should not practise builder duties. A builder has the experience, knowledge and the license to build solely homes verses an inexperience and with the lack of building knowledge a Realtor would. You would also have to wonder the trustworthiness of a dual realtor that sales 99% of their own listings first. These realtors and unlicensed builders like to hide behind a few bogus company names so if something illegal happens they can just blame the bogus company.
Do you know how to calculate square footage? A home listed for $196,900 / 1,312 Sq.Ft. = $150.00 Per Square Foot. Do you really know what you're getting for your investment? We give you a true energy-efficient home with unmatched amenities for your investment. 
Do You Have The Right Builder!:
Buying a home is one of the biggest investments a person will have and making the right investment is vital for future profits. Unfortunately, there are many who think they are home builders and some Realtors playing "Bob the builder" with no knowledge or concept of how to build or design a home nevertheless a subdivision. Let's not forget the imitation builder, the one that goes around looking into windows of other home builders to imitate interior design ideas. Do not become a statistic of buyers that realize after the fact bargain they where told about is really not a bargain after all. Do not be mislead with "Green washers" or substandard features come and compare the beauty, Superiority, of a true Energy-Efficient Custom luxury home from CHB Eco Custom high performance Homes.
Our Eco Green Smart Luxury Custom Homes vs. Other Builders Spec Homes: 
Other builders and franchise Builders like to use the word "custom and quality" on their website and on their newspaper Ad's and in their websites but CHB Custom Homes are the true and only first luxury custom eco home builder and we can prove it by offering any home buyer $1,500 if they can find a home with all the same custom features as our homes in the South Georgia area. (Sustainable Architecture Development )
Capital Home Builders (CHB Eco Custom high performance Homes) is the only local builder "Building Smart Eco high performance Homes" for the future. We bring the future of eco home building to Thomasville, and Valdosta, South Georgia and Tallahassee Florida area. The company is driven by a passion for building homes to exceed standard construction code and affordable home automation. See one of our dream homes for yourself and you'll agree. We are First in Luxury, First in Custom Built Homes, First in Smart Home Technology, and the only builder in providing qualified homes. We deliver high performance Homes with Outstanding Service in Thomasville, and Valdosta and in the South Georgia area making our Planet Eco Green with one custom home at a time.
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